+++ The only location is the library in the new building at Keßlerplatz. There is no longer a Departmental Library. +++


Since the Nuremberg Institute of Technology does not yet have a central library building, the Faculties of Business Administration and Social Sciences Faculties are supplied with specialist literature on site in their buildings on Bahnhofstraße. The Departmental Library offers about 70,000 media units (books, journals, CD-/DVD-ROM), mainly from the fields of economics and social sciences.
The stock is systematically arranged and freely accessible (general plan). The current issues of the specialist journals are collected loosely in flap cabinets in the journal reading room on the first floor of the Departmental Library. The last three volumes before that are on the wall shelves, also in the journal reading room. Volumes older than 4 years back to 1961 (if available) are kept in the Central Library in the basement (location 007). Old stocks and volumes of journals from earlier than 1961 are kept in the bookstack and can be ordered.

Literature search

It is best to begin your search for literature in the library's online catalogue (OPAC). Other search options include catalogues of other libraries, databases, link lists, and search engines. Further relevant search entries, prepared for the different interests of the various Faculties, can be found under these links:

Literature not available in the library can be obtained via interlibrary loan. The Departmental Library is connected to the interlibrary lending system via the Central Library. HOWEVER: works available in the Nuremberg city area must be viewed or borrowed from the respective library. In Nuremberg you can also find economic and social science literature at some libraries of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The library of the Lutheran University of Applied Sciences (EVHN) is also of interest for social sciences.

Copying facilities

A copying machine is available in the Information Zone on the ground floor of the Departmental Library. There is a second copying machine in the journal reading room on the 1st floor. Copies are charged against your canteen card/OHMcard. There is a station available to add credit to your OHMcard.
A book scanner is available on the upper floor. Please bring a USB flash drive to store the scanned documents.

Computer workstations

Students can use the Information Technology Center access code, which all students receive upon enrolment, to use all Novell PCs in the university, including those at the library workstations. Please also observe the user guidelines for computer workstations (in German)!


The proper use of the library's stocks and facilities is free of charge; a 2 Euro coin must be inserted in the lockers as a deposit. Fees are only charged for copies made via interlibrary loan, requests for book return, damages, and the unauthorised use of lockers outside opening hours.