Services of the library

Information about the services we can provide under the Covid-19 restrictions is available on this page.

More information about closures of/restrictions on cultural and scientific institutions in Bavaria is available on the web pages of the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts.

+++ It is recommended to wear a face mask in the library (and in all campus buildings). Specifically, FFP2 masks are recommended.+++

+++ Use the automatic return station (“Rückgabeautomat”) in the foyer of the Library to return books and DVD/Blu-rays. The return station is accessible during the opening hours of the building. +++

This site is regularly updated.

We are available at the Service Counter, via telephone, and via email during the library’s opening hours .
Telephone: 0911 / 5880 - 4000
Email: bibliothekatth-nuernbergPunktde


Further information about the user regulations is available on the following pages.


The library’s collection is again freely accessible. Please feel free to collect your books directly from the shelves during our opening hours and then check them out using the self-service stations.

Interlibrary loan items that can be picked up are available on the pick-up shelf. They also need to be checked out via the self-service stations. Returns using the stations are only possible where a yellow slip is attached to the item.

A non-validated OHMcard will also work to borrow materials.

Effective immediately, returns of media (excepting OHMbooks, locker keys, etc.) are exclusively possible using the automatic return stations in the foyer of the building. For this service, please note the hours the KL Building is open.

Laptop loans

Laptops (OHMbooks) can be borrowed and returned during our opening hours at the Service Counter. Please reserve laptops in OPAC.

Reserve collections/labs

Reserve book collections on order and media for laboratories will also continue to be sent by internal mail.

Returning media (for students who are in quarantine)

If media must be returned (can no longer be renewed), but cannot be personally returned due to being in quarantine, there are the following possibilities: a third-party can return the item(s) or they can be mailed via post. If neither of these options are possible, please contact us via email (bibliothek@th-nuernberg).

As is usual, it is possible to renew a loan five times in your OPAC user account (exceptions apply to special media like laptops and locker keys, interlibrary loans, media that have one-week loan periods, etc.), if the item in question has not been requested by another user. Renewals are possible five days before the due date.
New in the system: the first renewal is automatic, but you have to carry out subsequent renewals yourself. As mentioned above, this automatic renewal can only occur, if the item has not been requested by another user. 

Information about recalled items subject to fines

Since the library has reopened, and media can be returned during the times the KL Building is open using the automatic return stations in the foyer, we will need to recall overdue media, subject to a charge.

Therefore, please return all borrowed media that are due or past due!

Where charges have been incurred on your library account, these can be deducted from the student ID card/library card at one of the OHM service terminals. The receipt generated by the terminal must be presented as proof of payment in the library. Please note the availability of the terminals (this can be found in the last column under "current availability"; Intranet page of Central IT, VPN access required from home) at the university.

The Ohm Service Terminal, that used to be in the Library, is now located in the foyer of the KI-KL building complex (on the left, next to the Library entrance).


Interlibrary loan services are again available for university and FOM members without restriction. Copies can be picked up in paper form (in an envelope) from the library’s pick-up shelf or sent via in-house mail. In all cases, a nominal fee (via direct payment or internal billing) will be due. Books remain available for two weeks for pick-up.

For specific information,  please read the Information about borrowing/returns  that applies to media from our collection, as interlibrary loan books must also be checked out and returned using the self-service stations.

An alternative to interlibrary loan is SUBITO. Please note, though, that subito orders are usually more expensive than interlibrary loans.

Please check for current developments on this website. 

If you have any questions, we would be pleased to assist you via telephone or email.

With over 410,000 eBooks, 133,000 eJournals and numerous databases, the library now has a larger collection of electronic media than printed media. This means that we are able to provide you with literature even in these times.

All electronic items can be found in OPAC or on our website.

Among other things, the "Literature search by Faculty" pages provide a Faculty-specific compilation of the relevant electronic resources that we offer to make your search easier.

Please also refer to the instructions on the VPN for use from home.
The collection of electronic media can only be used by university members.

The trainings required by the Faculties of Business Administration; Social Sciences; Electrical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Information Technology; and AMP will take place on campus in our training room, KL.001.

The activity required by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will continue to be offered online in Moodle .

Final thesis consultations are being conducted via Zoom or on campus; you can register online .

Have a look at the trainings we offer for all Faculties; you can register for them on VirtuOhm.

You can also use the training materials (in German) from previous library events.

For some time now, the library has offered to scan in printed publications for the electronic reserve shelf in line with copyright laws and make those scans available to teaching staff. You will still be able to use this service.

Purchase suggestions for e-books

It will also still be possible to suggest purchases using the standard forms. We will check whether we are also able to provide the title as an eBook.