Introduction to Citavi or Zotero


Counseling for final theses and appointments for an introduction to Citavi or researching online (in German) are currently being offered according to the current pandemic circumstances via Zoom or on campus.

You can learn about research techniques and resources on our web pages under the menu items “Training materials” (in German) and “Literature search by Faculty” . Please send any specific questions and issues to us at teaching-library(at) .

The training workshop on the Citavi literature management program deals with the basic operation of Citavi, importing search results from databases, automatic generation of literature lists, and working methods for academic research. This introduction lasts for around 90 minutes.

Current schedules for the introductions to the literature management programmes Citavi and Zotero can be found on our web page.
BW Faculty

Registration for the module Academic Research can be found in VirtuOhm under "Overview of courses". The courses are B-BW Academic Research (BIB) and B-BW Academic Research (Citavi). Participation in other open trainings cannot be recognized for the module.

Consultations for Citavi or Zotero

Any questions arising in the course of your work with the programme will be clarified in the Citavi or Zotero consultation; examples of questions include: how do I modify a citation style, how do I add my own citation style, etc. Please ask your questions when registering so that the training team can prepare the answer in advance. If your consultation is scheduled on campus, please also bring your laptop with Citavi or Zotero already installed.

The Citavi or Zotero consultation is conducted by appointment and lasts around 30-90 minutes, depending on questions. Please use our booking system anny to register. The training is only available to university members and can be held via Zoom or on campus.

If you are interested in an introductory training session on Citavi or Zotero, you can register online for a session.