During the course of the Electronic and Mechatronic Systems (MSY) master’s degree programme, you will learn how to perform complex tasks in connection with the development of complex electronic and mechatronic systems. 

You will learn to evaluate and select engineering methods from the fields of electrical engineering, information technology and mechatronics and to adapt them to meet requirements or to further develop them. You will also learn how to apply them in an independent and goal-oriented manner in an international working environment under industrial conditions. 

As an MSY graduate, you will be highly sought after by national and international companies, research institutes and authorities, and you will also have met an important prerequisite for the subsequent completion of a doctorate. 

  • Quadrokopter FLAIR
  • Regelungstechnik
  • Audi-Cup
Master of Engineering
Program duration
3 Semester
Admission restrictions

Special features

The MSY degree programme sets itself apart with its extraordinarily broad selection of advanced modules. This makes it possible to specialize in all areas of electrical engineering and mechatronics. 

Interesting numbers and statistics

There are currently 18 advanced modules, from which MSY students must select three. 

Admission semester
Winter semester or Summer semester
Application period
For the winter semester: 02.05.2021 to 31.05.2021
For the summer semester: 15.11.2021 to 15.12.2021
Dual system options
Dual Electronic and Mechatronic Systems
Electrical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Information Technology

More information

Detailed information about the curriculum of this programme is available in German. Switch the language toggle in the upper right corner.

More information

For more information on jobs and career prospects for graduates of this programme, visit our German pages by switching the language toggle in the upper right corner.

Information on admission

The following admission requirements are relevant for the Electronic and Mechatronic Systems master’s degree programme (abridged presentation – details are available in the Study and Examination Regulations): 

Bachelor’s degree in 

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


  • Mechatronics/Precision Engineering


  • Medical Engineering (with a specialization in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology / Mechatronics / Precision Engineering)


  • in a comparable degree programme

with a final grade point average of 2.9 or higher.

Your application for admission must be accompanied by a personal statement of between 1,000 and 2,000 characters outlining both your interest in and the skills that you can bring to the Electronic and Mechatronic Systems master’s degree programme.

Required language certificates:

The language of instruction in this degree programme is German. Applicants with a different native language who do not hold a German bachelor’s degree and have not completed a German-language education at a higher education institution must provide one of the following certificates:

  • German Language Examination for University Admission for foreign applicants (DSH level 2)

  • Test of German as a Foreign Language with above-average results (TestDaF; level 4 or higher in all 4 parts of the examination)

  • Telc German C1 University

Overview of all recognized language certificates (pdf)

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