Nuremberg Tech’s innovative services are used in a wide variety of ways

Encouraging those interested in a degree programme forms as much a part of our tasks as preparing students effectively for their studies and providing them with the best possible support throughout their degree programme.

To do this, we develop finely tuned forms of advice and support in order to guide students through a successful degree programme until its completion.  

It all starts with orientation and information services such as the studiTheke online game and our “Mut zum Studium” (“Confidence to Study”) programme for prospective students who would like to be the first in their family to study for a degree, and it continues in the online Student Counseling Portal, which can be easily accessed from any internet-capable device.

We work together with other institutions of our university to develop innovative and stimulating solutions to help students to shape and effectively complete their studies. These include, among others, the Learning Lab, in which students can experience digitally supported learning and teaching, and the Writing Center, which helps students to improve their writing skills.

The Service Learning office introduces students to non-profit organizations and provides the opportunity to have an impact beyond the university in the local region while continuing to develop their own skills.

There are many other general and advice services to assist students of Nuremberg Tech in the course of their studies. In turn, their queries and suggestions help and guide us in improving our range of general and advice services for (prospective) students and enable us to generate innovative solutions for progressing in their studies. 

To do this, we work in collaboration with a wide range of disciplines within our university,

including with the E-counseling Institute, which combines applied research with the development of online counseling services.