All general and advice services at a glance

Career Service

The Career Service is a service organization for students, graduates, businesses, and young alumni of Nuremberg Tech. We support you as you build your profile and prepare you for your entry into the workplace. We also act as a bridge-builder between you and companies or organizations in the economic and social sectors.

International Office

The International Office is the department for International Affairs and, as such, it promotes the expansion and fostering of international relationships, as well as the development of internationalization at Nuremberg Institute of Technology.

Contact for Dual Study Options

The Contact for Dual Study Options is your port of call for advice in relation to Dual Studies. You are also welcome to contact this office if you are a company and are interested in offering a dual studies programme or if you are study applicant. We welcome every cooperative partnership that is created, as well as every new place on a dual variant programme.

Professional Development

Professional Development at our university means systematically encouraging and developing the skills of all employees while taking account of the university’s interests and strategic objectives.

The strategic concept of the Professional Development department is to qualify employees to perform their current and future duties, and to encourage their continued individual development.

Student Advisory Service

The Student Advisory Service of Nuremberg Tech is your first port of call for all queries relating to forms, deadlines, and the general processes relating to students. You can submit your applications or formal requests here, as well as obtaining information and advice on all kinds of topics.

Student Counseling Service

The Student Counseling Service of Nuremberg Tech offers a wide variety of advisory services. Advice and counseling are geared not only to students but also prospective students. Individual life situations, decision-making processes, and solutions relating to all aspects of study can be defined and developed between student and adviser, in the form of confidential, anonymous and personal advice and counseling.