We have assembled some frequently asked questions and answers related to the coronavirus pandemic below. This list is regularly amended and updated. Please read this information closely as it may clear up some points of confusion. For any questions that are specific to your Faculty, please contact the Faculty directly. For new regulations related to examinations, please visit the intranet pages of the Student Office.


How can I find out if something has changed in the regulations?

We send all relevant information per email and post the information on our web pages. Some information is also posted, excerpted, in social media. Please be sure to check your university email account regularly.

Is there a document that contains all guidelines and regulations?

The regulations can change at any time and at short notice. Therefore, it is important to check this site regularly. Basic guidelines are defined in the Teaching framework for winter semester 2021/22

Where can I find more information about current regulations?

The Bavarian Health Ministry maintains an FAQ about general questions related to the novel coronavirus (in German) on its homepage.

Current information for and from the City of Nuremberg is available on its website (in German): 

Information about the coronavirus - City of Nuremberg portal (nuernberg.de)

What do “Krankenhaus-Ampel” and “Corona-Ampel” mean?

The “Krankenhaus-Ampel” (hospital traffic light) has been replaced by the “Corona-Ampel” (corona traffic light). The current status can be seen, for example, on the site of the Bavarian Health Ministry. The status of the “Krankenhaus-Ampel” is currently not relevant for the mandated measures. 

What to do if you are ill/have symptoms

What do I need to do, if I am infected?

Stay home. If you have tested positive, the responsible health authority (“Gesundheitsamt”) will be in regular communication with you. The health authority will also be in contact with the university. You do not need to notify Nuremberg Tech’s health office (“Gesundheitsschutz”) additionally. 

Stay home.

University members who show unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems of any severity and have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days before the onset of symptoms or who show unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems of any severity are considered to be so-called well-founded suspected cases and must be treated as unfit for duty or incapacitated for work and must therefore not appear for duty until the presence of a coronavirus infection has been clarified.

This applies to students as well. If you have these symptoms, please do not come to the university campus.

Contact your doctor immediately or the Ärztlichen Bereitschaftsdienst (on-call medical units) by telephone (116 117).

Inform the university at gesundheitsschutzatth-nuernbergPunktde. Staff must also inform their supervisors that they will not be coming to work.


  1. who have symptoms that could indicate Covid-19 (according to the RKI, e.g., fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of taste or smell, throat or joint pain), or
  2. are subject to a quarantine measure, or
  3. have a confirmed, current infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

are not allowed to enter university premises.


In the cases of numbers 1 and 2, individuals who have a medical certificate in German or English confirming that there is no evidence of SARS-Cov-2 infection and present it to the university are exempt from the prohibition. The medical certificate must be based on a molecular biological test for the presence of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and have been carried out no more than 48 hours before presentation to the university; this test must have been conducted in a Member State of the European Union or in another state which the RKI has included in the list of states with a sufficient quality standard for this purpose. It should be noted that a so-called "antibody test" will not suffice.


Further information about the isolation of individuals who are considered category 1 contacts is available online.

In view of the dynamic situation around the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, please keep yourself up to date by reading the information on the following sites regularly (daily): 

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft  und Kunst (StMWK) für Hochschulen und kulturelle Einrichtungen

Bayerisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LGL Bayern)

Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA)

Gesundheitsamt der Stadt Nürnberg

The risk areas can be found in the daily situation report on the homepage of the Robert Koch Institute.

Our health office (Gesundheitsschutz) is happy to assist with queries from public health departments (Gesundheitsämter) to Nuremberg Tech:

Telephone: +49 911/5880-4245

Email: schnittstelle-gesundheitsamtatth-nuernbergPunktde


Where can I get a vaccination?

All interested individuals can be vaccinated at the municipal vaccination centers. Currently, an appointment is required. Vaccinations are available independent of place of residence and are available for individuals from abroad. Information about where you can find a vaccination center including special promotions (e.g. in shopping centers) are available on the web pages of the City of Nuremberg.

General practitioners and some specialized physicians also offer vaccinations.

Is the university planning a vaccination drive on campus?

There is no vaccination drive currently planned on campus.


What tests are accepted at the university?

Since 24 November, only individuals with 2G certificates may enter the university campus.

Only individuals who are vaccinated or recovered (“geimpft” or “genesen”) are allowed to participate in on-campus classes. Access to the the library, the PC labs, study rooms, and the mensa is also allowed only in compliance with the 2G rule.

This applies for practical or artistic classes as well. If these classes, for example, are associated with attendance certificates that are recognized for credit, the class can be considered an examination and may be conducted under 3G plus rules.

The ordinance allows exceptions only for students who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. In this case, a PCR test is adequate to participate. Test centers will conduct these tests for free, if a medical certificate is provided.

Where can I get tested?

Since 13 November, all members of the public are entitled to at least one free rapid antigen test per week, regardless of vaccination or recovered status. The costs are covered by the federal government. You can get free rapid antigen tests at private rapid test centers as well as at the municipal test center at the airport, in doctors’ and dentists’ practices, pharmacies, medical laboratories, and at rescue and aid organizations.

PCR tests are generally still associated with costs.

Details are available, for example, on the City of Nuremberg’s website. 


Testing in other cities: 

In Bavaria, it is possible to be tested at local test centers and rapid test centers of the county administration authorities - where available. Should you be interested in testing in another city, check the specific procedures in that location. 



Entry to Nuremberg Tech’s campus/Mask requirement

How is entry to the campus regulated?

Only individuals who can comply with the 2G rule, that is who are vaccinated or recovered (“geimpft” or “genesen”), are allowed to conduct or participate in on-campus classes or to enter any university facilities.

To verify the 2G rule, controls will be conducted at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg. These controls may be randomly conducted by the security firm, instructors, or Facilities Management staff. Please have your valid 3G documentation and personal ID available at all times.

Is there a mask requirement?

There is a mask requirement in all university buildings; for students this applies during lectures even if seated. Instructors may remove their masks at work (that is, during class). Since 6 November 2021, FFP2 masks are required - medical (OP) masks no longer meet the requirement.

Do I need to register when I enter campus?

It is possible to enter university buildings without registering. Registration is necessary upon entering rooms, for example, lecture halls or laboratories. There are QR codes displayed at the entrance to all rooms where classes take place. Please scan the QR code at the entrance and enter your personal information. Alternatively, you can register your information in VirtuOhm from home in advance, if you know the respective room number.

In the facilities of the university catering that are open to the public the 2G rule applies with regard to on-site catering. This means all guests in the mensa will be controlled for adherence to the 2G rule. Please have your 2G certificate and a photo ID ready when you enter the mensa, to facilitate the controls. 


If you attend any on-campus activities at Nuremberg Tech, we are required to collect your contact information. You can print out and complete the form before the activity.

Link to the form for Collection of contact information for external visitors (in German).

Are people who are pregnant allowed to come on campus at Nuremberg Tech?

Currently, we cannot allow people who are pregnant to enter our buildings due to a stipulation from the Gewerbeaufsichtsamt.

Non-compliance with the rules is punishable by a fine (§19 Nr 2 14th BayIfSMV), i.e. students who do not have a valid certificate can be fined. 

Online classes/Technical requirements

How is it ensured that students, who cannot participate in on-campus courses and activities, can nonetheless pursue their studies?

We have asked instructors to provide course contents in digital formats. However, there is no guarantee that all course contents are available digitally. We are aware that this can make studying difficult or even impossible in individual cases (students from abroad who cannot travel to Germany; people who belong to certain risk groups, who should not participate in on-campus courses or events due to medical reasons). Please contact the Student Counseling Service to discuss solutions for specific cases.  

Students, who choose not to participate in courses on campus without compelling reasons, must obtain course contents on their own (e.g. from fellow students).

Can students who are present in Nuremberg use rooms on campus to visit online classes?

Students who are in Nuremberg, but cannot accommodate technical requirements at home, for example, can use the rooms on campus to visit online courses. The originally designated classroom can be used for this purpose, but also other areas such as hallways or... Please use headphones out of respect for your fellow students.  


It is also possible to use a projector to allow a group to follow the lecture, if the participants present agree. Private end devices may be connected to TH Nürnberg projectors for this purpose. 

Is there adequate WiFi available on campus at Nuremberg Tech?

Nureberg Tech’s WiFi is designed to provide a stable connection even if many students simultaneously attend online classes in university rooms.

Social and support

Are there psychological or psychotherapeutic services available?

Yes, there is. More information is available on this page

Students from abroad

I plan to enter the country from abroad. What do I need to consider?

Please check the website of the Foreign Office for the current regulations that apply for the country from which you are entering Germany.

Does the exemption from mandatory health insurance for students, who are only participating in online classes from abroad, apply in winter semester 2021/22?

The regulation to exempt students studying exclusively online from the health insurance mandate is still in effect. This was confirmed by the TK and DAK health insurance providers.

If a student enters Germany, the health insurance mandate comes into effect, retroactive to the beginning of the semester. In some cases, the insurance payments may be waived up to the date of entry. The health insurance providers decide on such waivers (the TK is very accommodating in this regard, for example). However, each student must sort this with their own health insurance provider. You can get the form for this process from Nuremberg Tech’s International Office.