+++ Information about COVID-19 +++

Version date: 15 December 2021

2G rule at universities as of 24 November 2021

Please read and note the information about teaching under 2G from the University Management.  

Stay at home!

Stay home at the first signs of recognizable symptoms (including light fever, cold-like symptoms, shortness of breath) until the suspected case has been examined and cleared by a doctor. This measure is to reduce the risk to the health of your colleagues. This applies to students as well.

All university members (professors, employees, students) and adjunct lecturers must also report via email to gesundheitsschutzatth-nuernbergPunktde. This information will be treated confidentially. Please contact your supervisor to decide about work-from-home options.

Please observe the AHA+L measures:

  • Abstand halten (maintain physical distance): Maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and others and avoid close contact with other people.
  • Hygiene beachten (observe hygiene guidelines): Refrain from shaking hands, wash your hands regularly with soap and water (at least 20 seconds), cough or sneeze into your elbow or a disposable tissue, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  • Alltagsmaske tragen (wear a face mask): Please wear a mask as required in all Nuremberg Tech buildings. This mask requirement also applies to all in-person courses.
  • Lüften (ventilate): Ventilate rooms for several minutes in regular intervals.

Films on how to behave in case of infectious diseases can be found at www.infektionsschutz.de

On-campus activities at Nuremberg Tech

If you attend any on-campus activities at Nuremberg Tech, we are required to collect your contact information. You can print out and complete the form before the activity. Please submit the completed form upon entering the on-campus activity. 

About  collection of contact information  for external visitors.

Information about data processing related to contact information tracing due to the pandemic within the framework of courses, lectures, events, and use of facilities at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

If you participate in our courses or events or wish to enter our facilities at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, based on the stipulations of the statutory accident insurance and the current legislation to control the coronavirus pandemic, we are required to process your personal information.
Legal basis for the temporary storage of information is: Art. 6 (1) letters c and d GDPR and Art. 9 (2) letter i GDPR in conjunction with Art. 4 (1); Art. 5 (1) line 1 no. 1 BayDSG based on BayIfSMV, IfSG in their respectively valid version, and §21 SGB VII.
If you do not provide the required information, we unfortunately cannot permit your participation in our courses or events nor that you enter our buildings.
Your personal information will only be saved on Technische Hochschule Nürnberg servers. The data will only be processed further if you or one of the people you have come into contact with in the buildings of the TH Nürnberg test positive for Covid-19 and only upon the request of the Gesundheitsamt (Public Health Department). In this case the personal data will be used to identify potential contact persons. The data would also be relayed to the local health authorities in this case. The collection, storage, and eventual use of the data are exclusively carried out for the purpose of protecting your health and the health of possible contact persons.

Your personal information will be automatically deleted 28 days after it is entered.
As related to courses or lectures, instructors/faculty can only see which individuals have registered for the respective room during the course or lecture period; this is to meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Science and the Arts to ensure full contact tracing. The data can only be seen by instructors who are also in the same room.

Contact information of the data protection officer of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm is available on our homepage.
You may also contact us in written form at
TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm,
Keßlerplatz 12, 90489 Nürnberg,
or via telephone at Nr. +49 911 5880-0 an uns wenden.