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Montag, 27. Februar 2017

Photography Student at Nuremberg Tech nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards - Student Focus Final in 2017

Photo: Nadine Hackemer

She is shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Awards – a great success for Nadine Hackemer. The photography student in the Faculty of Design at Nuremberg Tech enters the finals with a quiescent image. The precipitous take-off for the second-semester student is also a success for the Faculty of Design’s Photography Module at Nuremberg Tech. This is the first time a German educational institution has had a student nominated into the shortlist of this competition. Nadine Hackemer will participate in the final competition on 20 April in London for € 30,000 worth of photography equipment.

Nuremberg, 28 February 2017.
  The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Award – Student Focus was announced today.
Can a student achieve even more? To be named a finalist in one of the most famous photography competitions is a tremendous success for Nadine Hackemer, a student in her second semester at university. The nomination reflects the quality of the students and graduates of the Photograpy Module of the Faculty of Design at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology.
The Faculty of Design is only recently accredited by the World Photography Organisation (WPO). Arts academies, universities of design, and photography degree programs from around the world – from Australia to Venezuela – compete against each other within the organization.

Oliver Kussinger, Photography Instructor at Nuremberg Tech, commented on the success, “We are so pleased for Nadine Hackemer and the Faculty of Design expresses its thanks to the jury and the World Photography Organisation. We’re looking forward to the next assignment”. Oliver Kussinger presented the topic as an assignment and many high quality works were submitted. “It was no easy decision, as only one, single image could be submitted for the competition by each educational institution. With this photograph, one can let their eyes wander across it and are brought to remember.” Kussinger rates highly the subtle narration, the story of the image and its associations.

Hackemer’s image, entitled “Großvater” (Grandfather) was selected from the submissions from 300 educational institutions internationally. The jury determined it was among the ten best images of this year’s competition with the theme ‘Memories’. The photos selected in the “Student Focus” category will be published concurrently with the winning images from the other categories in the competition. Across all categories, 227,596 images from 183 countries were submitted.

As a finalist, Nadine Hackemer received a Sony Alpha 7 Full Frame Mirrorless camera, which she will use for the final round of the competition. The CEO of the World Photography Organisation, Scott Gray, noted: “The Student Focus competition is an integral part to the Awards program as it aims to uncover young, fresh photographic talent and works to propel them forward in their career.” Andrea Kurland, Student Focus judge added: “This year's shortlist helps cement why awards like these are more important than ever. The work submitted was original, thoughtful and brave - a healthy reminder that talent will always win out and rise above the noise.”

On her nomination to the list of the best ten, Hackemer responded: “As I started to study last March, I did not even dare to dream that just one year after that, I might get a mail by the jury of Sony World Photography Awards. I’m honored and more than happy to be one of the 10 shortlisted photographers chosen by the jury. Such news encourages my young photographic self-confidence and inspires my work. Thanks for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!” Her passion for photography developed from her contact with her grandfather’s old Vogtländer camera. After completing her secondary schooling, she traveled to Nepal and discovered documentary photography. She also spent a year living in Brazil, where she took a course on ‘International Cultural and Business Studies’.

Nadine Hackemer has her ticket to London in her bag: The awards in the various categories will be announced there on 20 April and then we will know who may accept equipment valued at € 30,000  on behalf of their educational institution and who’s image will carry the title ‘Photographer of the Year’.

Notes for Editorial Staff:
Oliver Kussinger, Photography Instructor at Nuremberg Tech,
E-mail: oliver.kussinger@th-nuernberg.de
Nadine Hackemer, E-mail: hackemerna66848@th-nuernberg.de
Hochschulkommunikation der TH Nürnberg, Tel. 0911/5880-4101, E-Mail: presse@th-nuernberg.de

World Photography Organisation: https://www.worldphoto.org
Student Focus Award: https://www.worldphoto.org/student-focus
English Website of the Faculty of Design at Nuremberg Tech: http://d.th-nuernberg.de/en/

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