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Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

Prof. Dr. Michael Braun, President

Career with Ohm University of Applied Sciences:

Dr. Michael Braun was appointed Professor of Applied Physics in 1994. In 2000, he was elected a member of the executive committee and worked as Vice Rector for Research and Development, Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Professional Development and Special Projects. Professor Michael Braun became Rector in March 2006 and is the President of the university since October 2007.

The President's Tasks:

University management, applied research and development:

The President represents the university externally and is primarily in charge of academics and issues pertaining to central facilities.

He provides initiatives for the university's continued development, designs the principles for the university's higher education policy and determines the guidelines for completing the university administration's tasks.

The President is the supervisory authority for all academic and artistic faculty, for the employees in the services of the state of Bavaria and for the head of administration.

He acts in an employer function if additional elected members of university management or deans work in a full-time capacity, works with the deans to ensure that the faculty and adjunct faculty meet their teaching and examination obligations. The President has supervisory authority and the authority to issue directives to the deans.

The President exercises the right of the occupier of the premises to undisturbed possession and performs additional tasks assigned to the university in accordance with the German higher education employment law.

Prof. Michael Braun is in charge of transfer of knowledge and technology , applied research and development and for Nuremberg Tech's institutes and Centers of Competence.

He is the Chairman of the University Management Board, Extended University Management and the Council of Elders as well as the Expert Committees for

He is responsible for the following central facilities and departments:

The President represents the university in numerous external organizations such as the "Hochschule Bayern e.V." (Bavarian Association of Applied Sciences Universities). He is the chairman of the board of "International Co-Operative Studies e.V." (ICS) and a member of the shareholders' meeting of  "Verbund IQ gGmbH.



Office of the President:
Marion Ewald
Phone:  +49 911/5880-4226
Fax: +49 911/5880-8269
Email:  marion.ewald@th-nuernberg.de
Building KV, Room: KV.208 (map)






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